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 Recycle your surplus radiators through our classified Ads!Simply email your advertisement to with detailed descriptions and corresponding photos. It is all free!

Got a radiator problem? We are not your typical radiator service!  We; bottom_left_basic102Removebottom_left_basic102 Refurbishbottom_left_basic102 Sandblast bottom_left_basic102 Restore, and bottom_left_basic102Locate radiators for period homes. We design bottom_left_basic102Victorian Style Radiator Enclosures, for antique radiators. Call: 617-629-9168 for help!


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Everyday, perfectly good radiators go to waste in historic neighborhoods across America. Many of these timeless masterpieces often end up in scrap-yards as heaps of metal. Only a few of them get to salvage yards. This web-site has been set up in part as a forum to assist home owners and contractors with radiator matters, and to stop the destruction of these beauties. We hope you make this your ideal radiator exchange. 

Antiqued Brass Accent

White Finished


Traditional Metalic Silver





We encourage all manner of radiator discourse as a way to build public awareness of   the great many benefits of traditonal radiant heat. Feel free to ask questions or share a thought. Your ideas and experiences may go a long way in helping others solve their heating problems. Moderators will be on spot to offer expert advice if need be.  If you are searching for radiators, just follow the links to the Classifieds Ads section. There is no fee to advertise, but it is limited to one-time users only. We hope this feature will help homeowners and heating contractors wishing to put their surplus radiators up for grabs. You may bookmark the classifieds page and check back from time to time for those hard-to-find radiators and accessories.

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