US Cast Iron radiatoR restoration

About us

We are a home heating radiator service based in the old historic neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, and we are dedicated to historic restorations.


Radiator Repairs/Restoration
Our radiator restoration service includes, but is not limited to; cast iron radiator repairs, radiator stripping, sandblasting, priming and refinishing. There are more than 1200 finishes to choose from. We also offer radiator pickup and delivery for a fee. When done selecting your finish, we will remove the radiators from your house and restore them to their ‘old glory’ and return them to you with full the honors!

Custom Enclosures
If you want to match up your house furniture of cabinetry, we also make custom Victorian style radiator covers and other contemporary style enclosures. We can match up your house furniture with our custom made enclosures. Did you know that you could turn your under-window radiator into a summertime window seat? Or build enclosures that double as bookshelves or storage units?