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 Recycle your surplus radiators through our classified Ads!Simply email your advertisement to with detailed descriptions and corresponding photos. It is all free!

Got a radiator problem? We are not your typical radiator service!  We; bottom_left_basic102Removebottom_left_basic102 Refurbishbottom_left_basic102 Sandblast bottom_left_basic102 Restore, and bottom_left_basic102Locate radiators for period homes. We design bottom_left_basic102Victorian Style Radiator Enclosures, for antique radiators. Call: 617-629-9168 for help!


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About Us is a web-based service operated by LT Design and Innovations, a privately owned restoration service located  in Somerville, MA, just outside of  Boston.

Our mobile service covers much of the East Coast, but with a greater emphasis on the New England area! As the name suggests, we are in the business of restoring heating radiators for period homes and anything related. Our service includes; radiator restoration, radiator removal, stripping, sandblasting, refinishing and designing and making custom radiator enclosures,and a whole lot more!.frontpic15bJPG

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Tel: 617-629-9168


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