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 Recycle your surplus radiators through our classified Ads!Simply email your advertisement to with detailed descriptions and corresponding photos. It is all free!

Got a radiator problem? We are not your typical radiator service!  We; bottom_left_basic102Removebottom_left_basic102 Refurbishbottom_left_basic102 Sandblast bottom_left_basic102 Restore, and bottom_left_basic102Locate radiators for period homes. We design bottom_left_basic102Victorian Style Radiator Enclosures, for antique radiators. Call: 617-629-9168 for help!


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Our radiator enclosures are made on order. We design according to your needs. Made with decorative molding and mesh, our covers can be made with any type of wood of your choosing. We work with the homeowners around New England to come up with unique designs. We can replicate Victorian styles or any other contemporary styles. Below are some of the designs we have built in the recent past. To order a cover e-mail or call 617-629-9168


Before Enclosure...

After  Enclosure...

 Unfinished Window Enclosure



Plain Cover with a Clear-finished Top

Wooden Enclosure Finished in White

 A Tall Unfinished Enclosure

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