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 Recycle your surplus radiators through our classified Ads!Simply email your advertisement to with detailed descriptions and corresponding photos. It is all free!

Got a radiator problem? We are not your typical radiator service!  We; bottom_left_basic102Removebottom_left_basic102 Refurbishbottom_left_basic102 Sandblast bottom_left_basic102 Restore, and bottom_left_basic102Locate radiators for period homes. We design bottom_left_basic102Victorian Style Radiator Enclosures, for antique radiators. Call: 617-629-9168 for help!


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Our Services

We are a privately owned radiator service based in the old historic neighborhood of Boston, and yes, we are dedicated to historic restorations. We offer;

bottom_left_basic102Radiator Restoration;

Our radiator restoration includes; radiator stripping, sandblasting, priming and  refinishing radiators. We have more than 1200 finishes to choose from. Once done picking your finish, we will remove the  radiators from the house and restore them to their ‘old glory’ and return them to you with all the honors! 

bottom_left_basic102Radiator Enclosures

If you want to match up your house furniture of cabinetry, we do make victorian style radiator covers and other contemporary style enclosures.  We can match up your house furniture with our custom made enclosures.  Did you know that you could turn your under-window radiator into a summertime window seat? Yes, we also make enclosures that double as bookshelves or storage units.


... Restoration and....


           We offer:

  • Radiator Locating
  • Radiator Moving
  • Radiator Refurbishing
  • Radiator Sandblasting
  • Radiator Removal
  • Radiator Restorations
  • And limited Repairs

bottom_left_basic102Radiator Locating

Through our service, we can help home owners and contractors locate hard-to-find replacement radiators. We are constantly forming synergies with salvage yards, plumbing and heating contractors as well as restoration groups around historic New England, involved with period heating systems and restorations. Through this network, we can help locate hard-to-find radiators. If you are replacing taller radiators with lower ones, if you are looking for matching ornate radiators, we can be of help!

bottom_left_basic102Heat Conversions & Radiator Testing

We can also help with heat conversions, so you do not lose heat. Always insist your radiators are fully tested before they are shipped. We arrange shipment to anywhere in continental US. We service New England and much of the East Coast, offering;

bottom_left_basic102Radiator Replacements Advice;

Your radiators froze up? Looking to replace a leaky radiator?  We can help you locate one. Send your e-mail to , stating what kind of radiators your are looking for. Tell us whether your are replacing a broken radiator or if it is a new installation, what kind of replacement radiator you want; what height? What Length, Depth, Number of Columns or Tubes, Number of Sections or “Fins”. Is it steam or hot water? Don’t forget your contact phone. We can do heat conversion to determine what replacement would be appropriate. If it is a new installation let us know the dimensions of your room.







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